Army Keeps Military Green Push, Embraces Solar, Wind, and Bio-Fuel Power

The Army is following the Air Force's green efforts »10/10/08 1:15pm10/10/08 1:15pm to cut their energy expenditures and, presumably, don't see their weapons budget cut. They will install solar panels and windmills, while investing in bio-fuels and energy conservation in bases all around the country. According to Keith Eastin, assistant Army…

Desk Wind Turbine: Symbolic Talisman Runs on Solar Energy

Whaddaya mean I'm not green? I have this wind turbine sitting right here on my desk! Its prop is powered by solar energy, and that desk lamp you have there is enough to keep it turning all day. Sure, it doesn't generate any power, but it's the thought that counts. An intriguing distraction for $39. »1/17/07 12:28pm1/17/07 12:28pm

Stormblade Turbine is More Efficient, Quietly Neighbor-Friendly

Nobody wants a wind turbine in their backyard, because the things are noisy and kill birds. But now inventors at Stormblade Turbine might have made the windmill a neighborhood-friendly device, solving that noise problem while doubling the efficiency of current turbines. This weird-looking jet engine-on-a-stick is… »1/03/07 9:59am1/03/07 9:59am