A Nosebleed Tour of the Wind Turbines Taking Over NYC's Rooftops

According to the New York Times, wind turbines are all the rage in New York City. We decided to find out for ourselves what all the buzz—or whoosh?—was about. So we met with wind turbine maker UGE and its mechanical engineer, Darius Salgo, who was kind enough to show us around the newly-installed wind turbines on top… »6/06/14 3:20pm6/06/14 3:20pm


Safer Bladeless Windmills Could One Day Dot the Countryside

Opponents of windmills cite the dangers the spinning blades post to birds, the risk of damage due to storms, and the maintenance required to keep all those moving parts running smoothly. But what if a windmill lacked blades and didn't move at all? That's the idea behind the Delft University of Technology's EWICON »4/02/13 5:40pm4/02/13 5:40pm

Architectural Wind: Clean Energy, Birds Like It, Too

Harnessing energy from the wind is getting serious, and Arrow Vironoment takes it to the next level with Architectural Wind, a relatively small 6.5-foot, 60-pound turbine it rolled out at Wired's Nextfest last week. It's designed to mount on the top edge of a building, taking advantage of the unique aerodynamics of… »10/02/06 11:27am10/02/06 11:27am