25 Years of Windows Upgrades, Caught in One Video

What a challenge to hoist upon yourself, TheRasteri! Did you not have an Apple keynote to watch yesterday? I joke obviously, because his 9:49-long video makes for compelling viewing. Watch as he upgrades from 1985's 1.0, through to today's 7, going by way of all the classic versions, as well as Doom II and Monkey… » 3/03/11 4:40am 3/03/11 4:40am

25 Years Ago Today, Bill Gates Announced Windows 1.0

Two decades and a half ago today, Bill Gates unveiled Microsoft's first operating systems. Oh, it wasn't for sale yet—no, no, it's still only 1983 and we wouldn't see Windows on store shelves until 1985. But that didn't stop the young heart throb Gates.Gates wasn't at all shy when promoting his debut Windows OS at New… » 11/10/08 3:45pm 11/10/08 3:45pm