Windows 7 Available Now For TechNet and MSDN Subscribers

If you're one of the TechNet or MSDN users, you can go ahead and download Windows 7 RTM for yourself. And yes, as our review says, it's really safe to upgrade. Though, if you're a TechNet or MSDN subscriber, you've probably been playing with the RC for a while. [TechNet and MSDN via Geeksmack] » 8/06/09 1:38pm 8/06/09 1:38pm

Windows 7 Officially Released to Manufacturing: No Going Back Now

Probably not much of a surprise at this point, but right about now, Steve Ballmer is telling a roomful of people that Windows 7's been released to manufacturing. If you're using RC1, congratulations, you've basically got the final product already. » 7/22/09 4:40pm 7/22/09 4:40pm