LG's Got a Tablet Too...a Windows 7 Tablet, in Korea

Would you buy a 10.1-inch tablet, running Windows 7 with mediocre specs? LG's hoping Koreans will, because the tablet's launching there first. Citizens are probably better off waiting for LG's Android tablet, due out in January. [LG via Akihabara News] » 11/22/10 3:30am 11/22/10 3:30am

Archos 9 Windows 7 Touch Tablet Poked, Prodded, Discussed on Video

The Archos 9 Windows 7 touch tablet has made it through its first round of show floor pageantry, briefly falling into the the expectant hands of the guy(s) from ArchosFans. The mildly romantic encounter was captured on video, for posterity. » 6/12/09 5:40am 6/12/09 5:40am