Windows 7 RTM Cracked (What Took So Long?)

I mean, it's been six days since the RTM first leaked on BitTorrent. SIx days! That's like an eternity. At any rate, it is true—Windows 7 RTM Ultimate has already been cracked using a Lenovo OEM product key. » 7/29/09 3:18pm 7/29/09 3:18pm

All the Flavors of Windows 7 Explained

Today Microsoft confirmed the six flavors of Windows 7—here's the rundown of the packages, plus some insight as to why it's better than the Vista jumble. » 2/03/09 12:41pm 2/03/09 12:41pm

Evidence Of Five Windows 7 Retail Versions Surprises No One

This is not news anybody wants, but it's also maybe the least surprising news you'll hear all day: it looks like there will be at least 5 retail packages for Windows 7. » 1/26/09 2:10pm 1/26/09 2:10pm

Video Footage of Windows 7 Ultimate Leaked?

We already heard news about the next-gen Windows OS, Windows 7 Ultimate. Well, the fellows at Think Next are offering up a video, which they claim shows the "Milestone 1 code drop," all in shaky video glory. Check it out by hitting the video above.
» 1/26/08 8:25am 1/26/08 8:25am