Gizmondo 2 Runs Android, But Only If Anyone Ever Turns One On

We'd heard rumors that the Gizmondo 2 would be running Google's Android OS, and the company has now confirmed it to be true (Windows CE is the other optional OS). Available this winter »9/11/08 10:31am9/11/08 10:31am, the Gizmondo 2 is a lot like the original Gizmondo but has a better battery and newer Nvidia chips inside. You like how we mentioned…

Albatron Rocker Mini Tablet Has Windows CE and Not Much Heft

An ultra slimline tablet from Albatron has been unveiled at Computex. The Rocker has a seven-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen, 128MB flash memory, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, a webcam, and SD and MMC slots. Weighing just 343 grams, the battery runs for six hours on a single charge, and it runs Windows CE. Not too shabby, really. [… »6/05/08 7:30am6/05/08 7:30am

Japanese Sophia Nani Is A Full Touchscreen Phone, Media Player

It would seem that a certain black-and-silver phone has attracted a bit of a following in the design department. The Japan-only Sophia Nani, launching next week, sports a massive 4.3" touchscreen TFT display running at a crisp 800x400 resolution. A digital TV tuner rounds out a complete multimedia package, but one… »7/13/07 7:04pm7/13/07 7:04pm

Cowon A2 and Q5 PMPs Details Leak: HSDPA, Touch Screen and More

Cowon is all set to make a big splash at CES next week and some details on a few of portable media players expected to be shown off are starting to leak out. First, there's the A3 (pictured here), which we already knew about last year. Now we know that it will come Davinci, a high-performance chip that's supposed to… »1/05/07 9:19am1/05/07 9:19am