Microsoft Cracking Down On Pirated Software in China, Probably Starting WWIII

Microsoft has expanded its latest WGA initiative — you know, the one that turns your computer off »10/23/08 7:20am10/23/08 7:20am every hour — to China. An guess what! Since the majority of Chinese computer users run unauthorized copies of Windows, they're . Of course, there are plenty of good discussions to be had about how measures like this…

Apple Patent Copies Windows Genuine Advantage DRM: Will It Be Just as Annoying?

Most people are familiar with Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage program—whenever you have to "validate" Windows, that's WGA in action. Since there is no copy protection on OS X, lifelong Mac users might be unfamiliar with this whole idea. Don't worry, it looks like you might get acquainted real soon! Apple has a… »12/26/07 7:00pm12/26/07 7:00pm