HP MediaSmart EX495 Windows Home Server Review (Better Time Machine…

The HP MediaSmart EX490 and EX495 are the new top-of-the-line Windows Home Servers from HP, which are good enough to pretty much be the de-facto Windows Home Servers on the market now. These new units keep up the tradition. » 10/23/09 11:00am 10/23/09 11:00am

How to Build Your Very Own Badass Windows Home Server

Jason lurves Windows Home Server—it does automated backups over your network, streams movies, music and photos and is a general-purpose fileshare. If you don't wanna hand HP $400, Maximum PC's got a build-to-stream guide to rolling your own. » 10/08/09 9:10am 10/08/09 9:10am

Lenovo's Sleek IdeaCentre Q110 Nettop Has Nvidia Ion Graphics

After teasing us over Twitter yesterday, Lenovo has now outlined full specs and pricing for its new Q100/Q110 nettops, and D400 Home Server. Both nettops are 0.7-inches thin, and the Q110 has Nvidia Ion graphics with 1080p HDMI output. » 8/19/09 1:45am 8/19/09 1:45am

Lenovo Twitters New IdeaCentre Q100 Nettops, IdeaCentre D400 Home…

Lenovo claims its upcoming Q100/Q110 nettops are "some of the thinnest in the world." We'll wait and see, but I like that etched motif. Meanwhile, we know more about the D400 Windows Home server because it's already available in Asia. » 8/18/09 3:28am 8/18/09 3:28am

How to Use Time Machine Backups on Windows Home Server (or Any…

One of the lame things about Time Machine is that backups over the network are only officially supported on Time Capsule. Luckily, even if you don't have one of HP's Time Machine-compatible Home Servers, you can make it work. » 7/10/09 6:40pm 7/10/09 6:40pm

HP LX195 Budget Windows Home Server Review

The Gadget: HP's LX195, their stripped-to-the-core (but Apple Time Machine capable) implementation of the Windows Home Server, which comes with a 640GB internal drive, but can only be expanded via the four USB ports in the back. » 5/26/09 2:20pm 5/26/09 2:20pm

Acer Aspire easyStore Expandable 1TB Windows Home Server Cube Is $400

Acer's Aspire easyStore is on the cheaper and smaller side of pre-built Windows Home Server configs at $400, but unlike some at that price, this little cube actually has three hot-swappable HDD bays to expand its 1TB of storage. Full specs: » 5/21/09 12:30am 5/21/09 12:30am