Microsoft Eliminating Bundled Email and Media Editing Programs in Windows 7

According to CNET »9/23/08 1:32pm9/23/08 1:32pm, Microsoft has decided to strip of all built-in email and media editing programs and replace them with optional downloadable apps that tap into Windows Live. Microsoft claims that the move was made out of a desire to ensure a quicker turnaround for future OS releases and to provide a more…

Windows 7 and Windows Live to Have Even More Forced Integration

In a move that's sure to make the EU giddy at the possibility of levying more fines, Microsoft's been circulating some internal memos brainstorming ways to better connect the next version of Windows with the next version of Windows Live. The author dreams of a system where each user can log into their Live accounts… »4/30/08 12:00pm4/30/08 12:00pm

Microsoft Wants You to Pay Monthly Subscription for Office and Services You Won't Use

Microsoft is testing a new bundle of fun codenamed "Albany" which rolls Office Home and Student, Windows Live OneCare, Office Live Workspace and some other Live services into a package that you'll pay a monthly fee for. It's this kind of thing, turning software into service you have to keep paying for and never… »4/18/08 3:50pm4/18/08 3:50pm

Windows Live Drops Out of Beta, Email Addresses Available

Microsoft's Windows Live package has just dropped out of beta development. The released package contains various desktop programs for email, IM, blogging and photo sharing. The Windows Live Mail app will allow for email account convergence between most popular email providers, including Gmail and AOL. Direct Flickr… »11/07/07 7:08am11/07/07 7:08am

Games for Windows Makes You Pay $50 a Year to Play With Xbox 360 Owners

Xbox 360 owners are already used to paying every year for the privilege of playing with their friends on Xbox Live, but now Windows get to cough up cash too. For $50 a year, Windows Live will give you—tweed jacket-wearing Windows guy—the ability to play games like Shadowrun and Halo 2 with your buddies on Xbox 360. »3/14/07 5:30pm3/14/07 5:30pm