Microsoft Is Officially Killing MSN Messenger Once and For All

Ever since Microsoft acquired Skype, it's been slowly but surely pushing those last MSN/Windows Live Messenger clingers-on into its brave new, Skype-based world. And now China, the last MSN Messenger stronghold, is finally getting the boot, ending the messaging service's 15 year run once and for all. » 8/29/14 11:04am 8/29/14 11:04am

Microsoft Is Finally Merging Skype and Windows Live Messenger This…

Ever since Microsoft acquired Skype and confirmed the end of Windows Live Messenger, a merger has been a tiny dot off on the horizon. Now Microsoft has pinned down when the two will become one: this April. » 2/15/13 9:55am 2/15/13 9:55am

Microsoft Is Killing Off Windows Live Messenger for Skype

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is trying to nix its Windows Live Messenger client in favor of Skype. That's definitely for the best, and something we've seen coming for a while now. But it also smacks of some missed opportunity for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. » 11/05/12 10:33am 11/05/12 10:33am

How to Video Chat From Your Couch Without Breaking the Bank

Video chatting—the future is now! But it sure is expensive. Between Logitech's Revue ($300 for the box and $150 for the cam), and Cisco's $600 Roman emperor-priced offering, you might feel left out. But you have (affordable) options. » 10/07/10 12:40pm 10/07/10 12:40pm

iPhone Now Has A Windows Live Messenger App

Compatible with iOS4 (dropping sometime today), Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch combines IM functionality with Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr support. It's a free download, and even has Hotmail support built-in too. » 6/21/10 4:04am 6/21/10 4:04am

Video Kinect Lets You Chat With Xbox Live and Windows Live Messenger

With Kinect, you can do video chats with other Xbox users (with Kinect), as well as Windows Live Messenger on the PC. Microsoft's also talked about Windows Phone 7. » 6/14/10 2:15pm 6/14/10 2:15pm

Windows Live Messenger iPhone App Almost Looks Better Than Desktop…

There've been rumors of a Windows Live Messenger iPhone app, but now the Neowin team has gotten its hands on screenshots. Good news? The app looks cleaner and less bulky than the desktop version. Bad news? That's not saying much. » 4/27/10 8:28pm 4/27/10 8:28pm

Six Technologies That Passed America By

With America's status as a technological superpower comes a tendency to occasionally straight ignore the rest of the world. For better or for worse, here are technologies we've all but completely missed out on.
» 3/03/09 12:20pm 3/03/09 12:20pm

Windows Live Updated For Windows Mobile Devices

Not content to just offer a new version of Windows Live Messenger for a competing platform, Microsoft today released an updated official version of the full Windows Live app for Windows Mobile that features contacts syncing, support for Live Spaces, Live Maps, and push email from HotMail, MSN, or Live accounts. It's a… » 7/22/08 9:00pm 7/22/08 9:00pm

Windows Live Messenger Finally Arrives For BlackBerry

Many companies use Windows Live Messenger for corporate IM because it's free and comes with pretty much any Windows computer they purchase. Windows Mobile users have had mobile IM love for awhile, but BlackBerry users have been left out, at least as far as official messengers go. They had already been promised an… » 7/22/08 8:30pm 7/22/08 8:30pm

Samsung LCD Monitors Support Standalone Skype, VoIP

Unlike other monitors that only have a webcam or a mic built in, this 22-inch SyncMaster 220TN Samsung monitor has a network module, webcam, microphone and speakers so that you can have a Skype or Microsoft Live Messenger conversation without a PC. Which means that as long as you have power and an Ethernet connection,… » 8/30/07 2:59pm 8/30/07 2:59pm

New Xbox 360 Bundle Coming? Plus, View Your Live Friends On Windows…

Two bits of Xbox 360 gaming news today. First is an update on the new premium bundle that might be coming sometime this fall which may be called the "Xbox 360 Pro Bundle". Rumors are the bundle will have everything the current $399 bundle has plus a three month Xbox Live gold subscription, 1,250 Marketplace Points,… » 7/17/06 7:50pm 7/17/06 7:50pm

Uniden Windows Live Messenger Phone

What with Skype getting lots of phones, Windows Live Messenger must have felt like the fat transfer student on prom night. Fret no more, Microsoft! Uniden's Dual Mode WIN1200 has both a regular land line and your WLM dialing. » 5/15/06 7:01pm 5/15/06 7:01pm