Windows Media Player 11 Is Useful: It Cuts WoW Load Times By Up to 50 Percent

Windows Media Player 11 discovers a purpose in life—how awesome is that? (Seriously, who actually uses it for anything?) Apparently, European forums started reporting last month that running WMP 11 in the background noticeably cuts World of Warcraft load times, especially in stickier areas, though American slackjaws… »12/21/07 1:20am12/21/07 1:20am


Venzero Linq Combines Wi-Fi Internet Radio With Video Playback

Venzero's black-sheened players have always looked good, which is why the Venzero Linq looks so promising. Besides having the standard MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG, JPEG and MPEG4 playback, it also supports Wi-Fi streaming from internet radio stations and your Windows Media Player 11 on a PC. That means you don't need to… »8/23/07 3:00pm8/23/07 3:00pm