Windows Phone 7 Catches Up, With Angry Birds and Sonic the Hedgehog…

A whole heaping of classic Android/iPhone games will be dolloped into the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace come "spring", including Angry Birds (yawn), Sonic the Hedgehog (good for a few more spins), Plants vs Zombies (another yawn), Doodle Jump (fun!), and a few others I can't pass comment on, like geoDefense and Hydro… » 2/25/11 5:40am 2/25/11 5:40am

Kindle Will Join the Windows Phone 7 App Stable

Continuing its neverending march to platform ubiquity, Kindle will officially be available on Windows Phone 7—though maybe not in time for launch. So far Amazon's just saying that the app will be available "later this year," and that it'll come with some unique features including personalized book recommendations on the… » 10/28/10 1:07pm 10/28/10 1:07pm

An Early Look at What to Expect From a Windows Phone 7 Launch Game

Having been months since we've seen any WP7 games, you should (re)acquaint yourself with the Xbox game Shoot 1UP. It's fast, it's furious (mostly as it's running at 10x the speed on a WP7 emulator), and it looks awesome. » 6/29/10 6:33am 6/29/10 6:33am

Microsoft: No Porn In Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

There are a lot of things to be excited about in Windows Phone 7. Pornography—or anything "sexually suggestive"—won't be among them. In a preemptive strike against in-app boobs, Microsoft's application certification requirements mandate squeaky clean content. » 6/10/10 12:24pm 6/10/10 12:24pm

Windows Phone 7's Impossible App Mission

Microsoft's already done a lot right with Windows Phone 7, and it's not even out until late this year. But after today's announcements, there's one lingering question: How can Windows Phone 7 possibly catch up, in terms of apps? » 3/15/10 8:00pm 3/15/10 8:00pm

Windows Marketplace Will Be the Only Source For Windows Phone 7 Apps

What many feared (or briefly thought about without much emotion either way) has turned out to be true: Microsoft PR has confirmed that Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be the only source for Windows Phone 7 apps, meaning that you can't sideload apps, and that Microsoft will be the sole gatekeeper for all apps on the … » 3/15/10 4:10pm 3/15/10 4:10pm