Nokia’s 'Black' WinPho Update: RAW Photo Support, New Apps and More

The latest update to Nokia’s Windows Phone build (which expands upon Microsoft’s GDR3 release), named Black, brings with it some features you may be surprised to learn Nokia handsets didn’t already contain…but here’s a big one for you: It also brings RAW support, not available on any smartphone before. » 10/22/13 7:30am 10/22/13 7:30am

Did This Random Craigslist Phone Just Spill the Beans on a WP8 Update?

Want the latest software updates for your phone? You can just wait like a pleb, or you can go buy handsets on Craigslist and hope to get lucky. Apparently Windows Phone Central user xs2k did the latter when he just happened to buy a phone with the latest, unreleased Windows Phone 8 OS on it. » 9/07/13 2:57pm 9/07/13 2:57pm

Windows Phone Just Got Instagram (Sort Of) and Vine (Really)

So hidden in Nokia's announcement of some new apps for its Lumia line was a little announcement about Hipstamatic. It's making a lens app for Nokia, and it can share your photos to other social networks. Including Instagram. So, essentially, Windows Phone just got its first real Instagram app. » 7/11/13 11:37am 7/11/13 11:37am

Leaked Windows Phone Screenshots Finally Show a Notification Center

Windows Phone 8 is pretty, and there's a lot of things to like about it. But for every one of those there's also a glaring absence. Hopefully one of those is soon to disappear, leaked screenshots of an internal build of the OS shows that there's finally a notification center, presumably coming soon. » 6/08/13 9:15am 6/08/13 9:15am

Leaked Pics of Nokia's New Aluminum Lumia Are Totally Gorgeous

We're already pretty into Nokia's just-announced Lumia 928, but here's what's coming next. Evleaks, who has a pretty great track record with these things, just showed the world Nokia's new phone, which seems to be the codename "Catwalk" phone we've been hearing about. » 5/13/13 2:00pm 5/13/13 2:00pm

Report: Verizon's Getting a Thinner, Lighter, Aluminum Nokia Lumia 928…

According to The Verge, Verizon is going to be getting a variant of the Lumia 920 in April, and it will be a pretty nice upgrade. The upgrades include a switch to an aluminum body, a xenon and LED flash for the 8MP PureView camera, and the comes in thinner and lighter than the relatively bulky 920. » 3/12/13 11:49am 3/12/13 11:49am

The Next Big Windows Phone Update Is (Probably) Coming For Christmas

Microsoft has been pretty quiet about their long term plans for the Windows 8 ecosystem, but its job board has been pretty loud-mouthed. First, it hinted at the plan for Windows Blue, and now a new posting indicated that the next big thing for Windows Phone is probably going to show up at the end of this year. » 3/03/13 5:00pm 3/03/13 5:00pm