Windows Phone Folks Can Finally Get In on the Looping Vine Fun

This goes out to the Windows Phone users who've been envious of their iPhone- and Android-using peer's ability to snap six-second video loops. Today, Vine comes to the Windows Phone. Yay. » 11/12/13 10:00am 11/12/13 10:00am

The New Essential Apps February 2013

iPhones. iPads. Android. Windows Phone. We've updated all of our essential apps lists to include a few forgotten favorites, some long awaited arrivals and, as always, even more amazing apps. Check them out! » 3/01/13 6:00pm 3/01/13 6:00pm

Battery Status: Always Know How Much Juice You've Got

Keeping track of battery life on your phone can be a major stressor for the obsessive compulsive. Battery Status is the perfect app to put those worries to bed. » 12/28/12 6:00pm 12/28/12 6:00pm

Here's the Best Way to Play Old School Snake on Your Fancy Smartphone

If you had a Nokia cell phone long, long ago—and if you were alive then, you probably did—the best time murdering/happy fun time you could do with it was to play Snake. Those buttons were a joy to push! But even in the crowded sea of smartphone games now, nothing is quite as addictive as Snake was. That's why the… » 6/25/12 2:00pm 6/25/12 2:00pm

Sketch Camera: Because Windows Phone Deserves Stupid Fun too

Like people, most apps are really dumb, but we like them anyway. And that's OK because everything need not be smart all the time. Here's a welcome dose of lovable dumb fun for Windows Phone. » 3/13/12 6:00pm 3/13/12 6:00pm

Official Vimeo App Brings Mobile Uploads to Your Windows Phone

Windows Phone just got an official Vimeo app. Like its Android and iOS counterparts, the app gives you streamlined access to all of Vimeo's content. More importantly, it brings mobile uploads to Windows Phone so you can get that instant viral video up faster than ever. » 2/03/12 1:00pm 2/03/12 1:00pm

All the Apps Your New Phone or Tablet Needs Right Now

Congratulations on your new iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone! You must have a been a good boy or girl. In fact, you've been so good that you may as well treat yourself to some of the very best apps that'll make your shiny new gadget sing. » 12/25/11 1:00pm 12/25/11 1:00pm

Microsoft's Awesome SkyDrive Is on the iPhone Now (and Windows Phone)

Previously, if you weren't on Windows, you couldn't take full advantage of all the awesomeness that was in SkyDrive, Microsoft's neato cloud storage service. Not anymore! They've just released an iOS app that'll let you upload photos, files, documents and manage SkyDrive folders straight from your iPhone. » 12/13/11 1:45pm 12/13/11 1:45pm

The Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Drops Tomorrow, Giving You…

The new Xbox dashboard design isn't the only thing arriving tomorrow. Also scheduled for release is the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone, which, among other things, will endow Xbox owners with remote control capabilities. » 12/05/11 10:52am 12/05/11 10:52am

Spotify for Windows Phone: This Is How Every Windows Phone App Should…

It took a million zillion years, but Spotify is finally on Windows Phone. Our favorite streaming service is looking mighty pretty in its new Metro duds—almost enough to forgive it for being so late to the party. » 11/08/11 6:00pm 11/08/11 6:00pm

Rdio Streams in the Background on Windows Phone Now

The Windows Phone 7.5 update finally let third party apps work in the background. Rdio, now in 3.0 and our favorite music player app on Windows Phone not named Zune, has taken full advantage: it can stream music in the background now. WOOHOO. » 10/07/11 2:55pm 10/07/11 2:55pm

Your Windows Phone Will Soon Get Xbox Live TV-Controlling Powers

Coupled with the news that the Xbox 360 is getting full-on TV, WP7 Phones will join in with a new Xbox Companion app. Everything you'll want to watch will be controllable right from your smartphone. » 10/05/11 1:20pm 10/05/11 1:20pm

Pulse Brings Its Pretty RSS Tiles to Windows Phone

Pulse, the slick and pretty RSS reader-ish app on iPhone, Android and iPad, is now available for the equally slick and pretty Windows Phone. If you're not familiar, Pulse takes a bunch of news sources and transforms them into a pretty gorgeous collection of tiles. Reading doesn't have to be a snoozefest, you know. » 9/26/11 12:00pm 9/26/11 12:00pm

Windows Phone 7 Gets In on the GroupMe Group Messaging

GroupMe, a lifechanger of an app, has made its way to Windows Phone 7. It's only a preview with basic features—in-app chat, group management, etc—but more importantly, WP7 locks down another app I need. [Zune via GroupMe] » 7/13/11 4:31pm 7/13/11 4:31pm

Woah, How Did Windows Phone 7 Jump To 25,000 Apps?

It seems like only yesterday that they had about 14 apps—where does time go?! *sniffles* Like Android app downloads, the rate at which apps are being developed is churning faster and faster—good work, devs. [WindowsPhoneAppList via WinRumors via Gadgetsteria via Engadget] » 7/01/11 9:18am 7/01/11 9:18am