Windows Update Getting Updated: Will Be Faster, Less Sucky

Have you ever searched for new updates with Windows Update in Vista? It's slow as balls, no matter how beefy your machine is. But! Windows Update is getting an, um, update that will make it run a lot faster-scan times are down almost 20 percent. If you have automatic updates turned off, obviously you won't get this… »7/05/08 6:00pm7/05/08 6:00pm

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Ships to Manufacturers April 21st, Hits Windows Update April 29th

Windows XP SP3 will start shipping to manufacturers and IT workers next Monday, 4/21. The Following Tuesday, 4/29, it will be made available for download over Windows Update. This is the final version of SP3, following the RC1 and RC2 builds offered earlier in the year, which promises to boost performance by 10% and … »4/15/08 5:40pm4/15/08 5:40pm

Windows XP and Vista Self Updates? Calm Down, It's Not So Bad

Windows XP and Vista users in the last few weeks have discovered that Windows Update, the software that automatically checks and installs new updates from Microsoft, was updating files on their machines even when they set the update to "manual". This seems pretty fishy at first, but it should really make no difference… »9/14/07 1:09pm9/14/07 1:09pm