IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions for Custom Support

The IRS isn't exactly known for playing fast and loose with deadlines—your deadlines, that is. But when it comes to its own, its apparently a lot more willing to take their chances. In this case, that means paying millions of dollars to keep running Windows XP long after the deadline has come and gone. »4/14/14 10:20am4/14/14 10:20am

Photographer reveals the secret of the Windows XP desktop image

Charles O'Rear is the photographer who took Bliss, the image that became the desktop of every single Windows XP computer in the world. Billions saw it and probably think the photo is so perfect and colorful that it is computer generated—or at least Photoshopped. O'Rear reveals the origin of the photo in this video. »4/10/14 6:43pm4/10/14 6:43pm

Microsoft's Windows XP Death Watch Counter Doesn't Work With Windows XP

Microsoft wants all of its Windows XP users to know exactly how much time they've got before XP is taken out to the back shed and mercy-killed with a shot to the nape. Which is why the "Windows XP End of Support Countdown Gadget," available now from Microsoft, would be so, so handy—if it were compatible with XP… »4/21/11 3:20pm4/21/11 3:20pm

There Will Be No More PCs Preloaded With WIndows XP

As of today, PC makers are no longer allowed to preload Windows XP on netbooks, the last type of machine to go. That means that no PCs of any type are rolling off the assembly line with Windows XP. On a separate but not unrelated note, today marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Windows 7. Times, they are… »10/22/10 11:23am10/22/10 11:23am