Wiperless Windshield Concept Brings Minimalism to Your Vehicle

Leonardo Fioravanti of the awesome vehicle design house Pininfarina has put together a prototype car, called Hidra, which has a windshield that negates the necessity for conventional wipers. The design relies on aerodynamics and surface treatment alone, which will supposedly be enough to keep a fly-away tree branch… »2/24/08 1:00pm2/24/08 1:00pm

Microsoft's Windshield HUD Has Lots of Info, Hopefully Never Crashes

This Microsoft patent describes a heads up user interface on windshields that shows useful information for the driver right where the eyes are. The patent takes information from cellphones, car stereos, your GPS, maps, weather, temperature, email, car instruments and probably the Zune, and places it your eyeline. Much… »8/24/07 7:10pm8/24/07 7:10pm

LightInSight Wide Angle Windshield Lens Lets You see Traffic Lights Easily

When you're first in line at a light, it may be hard to see what the traffic lights are without straining your neck and leaning forward like a giraffe in heat. LightInSight solves your problem by sticking onto the top of your windshield, refracting light in such a way so you can see when red becomes green. Only costs… »9/06/06 7:00am9/06/06 7:00am