Below Sea Wine Cellar Matures Wine As Fast As You Can Drink It

Well, *almost* as fast. 600 bottles of the $139 Poseidon sparkling wine were stored 30m deep, quickening the maturing period to just six months. I've no idea how Slovenian wine tastes, but I'm willing to play guineapig. [SMH via BornRich] » 11/30/10 7:00am 11/30/10 7:00am

eSommelier Integrated Wine Management Server

Here's the perfect accessory for that huge new wine cellar you just installed in your castle, m'lord. It's the $5000 eSommelier Integrated Wine Management Server, a touchscreen computer that's an oeneophile's dream, with a 150,000 wine database built right in. It sorts those wines according to country, region,… » 7/05/06 1:44pm 7/05/06 1:44pm