These Adorable Animal Wine Racks Will Make Getting Drunk Feel So Cute

These wine racks are incredibly simple but absolutely adorable in its design. Made out of wood, the wine racks have the shape of animals with a body of a wine bottle. You can see an elephant, a penguin, a reindeer and a dog. I want them all. They would be perfect in my non existent winter cabin. » 4/26/13 8:00pm 4/26/13 8:00pm

A Modular, Fully Customizable Wine Rack For Every Type of Drinker

Regardless of whether you're a sommelier-hopeful or just a dedicated lush, you're going to need a wine rack to match your distinct, personal tastes and—er, volume. This is exactly what makes the completely customizable and optionally mountable Nucleus wine rack from Thijs Goossink so fantastic. » 4/09/13 1:00pm 4/09/13 1:00pm