Wing Man Baby Seat: Carbon Fiber Gets Knocked Up

For anyone with a child, that bond you feel with your offspring is the most powerful in nature. And your protective instincts demand the absolute best in child safety, like this $4,000 Wing Man baby seat prototype. It's constructed of strong, lightweight carbon fiber—the same material used in performance cars and… » 11/19/08 1:00pm 11/19/08 1:00pm

Super Cute iriver Wing UMPC Is Also Super Tiny

Scale is everything: We knew iriver's Wing touchscreen UMPC was seriously compact, but didn't know just how small it was. It's still a complete prototype—you're looking at dumb plastic, and the top half even sorta fell off the hinge—but we convinced them to pull it out of the glass case so we could do a quick… » 1/08/08 8:30pm 1/08/08 8:30pm

328-Foot RAM Wing 100 Yacht Zips Along at 100 Knots

Is this RAM Wing 100 yacht by Levi Designs a catamaran or a monohull? It's both, starting out in front is a catamaran and ending up as a monohull in the stern. The most remarkable aspect of this design concept is its tremendous speed, 100 knots with a range of 2000 nautical miles. That's not bad for a giant 328-foot… » 12/21/07 12:03pm 12/21/07 12:03pm