Toyota Winglet Sport Feels Like Inline Skates for Klutzs Like Me

Yesterday we saw in action the Large and Medium models of the Segway-killer Toyota Winglet. Here you have the Type S, which stands for small but, according to Toyota, could also mean Sports. Looking at the video, it makes sense: basically, this thing seems to allow for faster, more agressive driving, achieving a… »8/02/08 10:00am8/02/08 10:00am


Winglet Personal Transport to Keep Increasing J-Lo's Ass Size

The Winglet is Toyota's Segway killer-as if there was anything left to kill-a personal transport assistant that comes in three different models, all destined to fail in the US to the lack of sidewalk vehicle regulations and cheeseburger/cup holders. The three models-Type S, M, and L-look great, especially the small… »8/01/08 8:03am8/01/08 8:03am