Windows 7's New Geolocation Service Introduces Privacy Problems

Cnet's Ina Fried »11/10/08 1:58pm11/10/08 1:58pm is covering WinHEC, Microsoft's Hardware Engineering Conference, and has discovered that Windows 7 has a new system-wide service that will offer very easily accessible geographical location services for all devices and programs. Unfortunately, their implementation seems half-baked in the security…


Windows 7 Will Only Have One 'Ready' Sticker, Down From Vista's Four

After receiving endless flak for their silly tiered Vista Compatibility scheme, Microsoft has decided to issue a single "Windows 7 Capable" sticker for hardware that works with the new OS. That means no more "Windows Home Basic", "Windows Ready", "Certified for Windows" and "Windows Ready When You Are, Asshole" labels… »11/06/08 5:30am11/06/08 5:30am

Fake Boy Band Ushers In Windows 7, Makes Vista Years Seem Classy

Apparently, a simple blog post »10/06/08 8:20pm10/06/08 8:20pm about getting Windows 7 early by attending Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in October or the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in November wasn't enough. No, Microsoft had to drive the point home by getting a fake boy band to sing a song about PDC,…