Windows Marketplace Live For WinMo 6.5 Phones

Giz readers have confirmed that Microsoft's app store for 6.5 WinMo phones is already live and kicking, a day ahead of tomorrow's global roll-out Windows Mobile 6.5 Phones. Marketplace support for 6.x WinMo phones is expected before the end of the year. Got a WinMo 6.5 handset? Send us some pics of the Marketplace and… » 10/05/09 5:16am 10/05/09 5:16am

Moto Lets the Windows Mobile 6.5 Cat Out of the Bag

In today's earnings call, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha made multiple references to Windows Mobile 6.5, explaining that a Moto handset running the software would be released in the second half of 2009. Jha was vague on specifics about WinMo 6.5, but according to PC Mag, he did go on record as saying "I think there are… » 10/30/08 9:30pm 10/30/08 9:30pm