This one-minute short film scared the hell out of me

Filminute is an international film festival that challenges filmmakers from all over the world to make engaging one-minute movies. You might think 60 seconds are not enough to make you laugh, cry or even scare you to death. This year's winner—directed by Spanish filmmaker Ignacio F. Rodówill prove you wrong. » 10/08/14 10:40pm 10/08/14 10:40pm

Presenting the Winner of our Sexy Robot Costume Contest

The voters have spoken and so we present to you the winner of the whole shebang! Javene and Tom Truong's submission of Princess Leia-X (Termileia?) captured the hearts and imaginations of our voters for a whopping 369 votes! » 11/01/10 6:00pm 11/01/10 6:00pm

Giz Bingo Winner Is Now One Pizza Happier

Free pizza. Yummy. Along with free beer, life really doesn't get any better than free pizza. Which is precisely what Maximillian Hill, the winner of Gizmodo's MacBook Event Bingo » 11/11/08 8:25am 11/11/08 8:25am, got last week: A large pizza with italian sausage and extra cheese. Maximillian sent us the bingo at exactly October 14, 10:30 AM east…

Laptop Confidential II: We Have a Winner!

All the votes are in for our Laptop Confidential II contest, and the winner is the video above, entitled "The Gizmodo Informant," a brutal look at the torture of an innocent detective whose clueless captor can't figure out that "mocodomzig" is spelled backwards. The winner, calling his group "Hidden… » 8/28/07 5:00pm 8/28/07 5:00pm

Meizu Music Card Design Winner

Remember the contest Meizu had for users to design their next MP3 player? Well, this is the winner. Normally I would begin shouting blasphemy because it looks hell of a lot like an iPod knock-off, but I just don't care anymore. » 1/12/07 11:47am 1/12/07 11:47am

Gizmodo-House: The Winner

This contest has been one of the most spectacular in Gizmodo history. Hansel and Gretel didn't know what hit 'em. And it was mighty tough deciding which House deserved the Sharp Aquos 20-inch flat panel TV. The kids who hammered out the laptop? The guy who constructed a sweet Xbox 360 because he couldn't score one in… » 12/28/05 12:35pm 12/28/05 12:35pm

iPod Shrine Winner: Robots Rule

Congrats to zZz and his motorized robot with an iPod heart, your android is the proud owner of a new Apple iPod 30GB video player—send an e-mail to let me know whether he/she wants it in black or white (to match the spooky mask). » 11/30/05 7:00pm 11/30/05 7:00pm

iPod Shrine Contest: Vote on the Winner

The end times are near. The Apple iPod 30GB video player is ready for its new home. Which shrine does it belong in? Gizmodo's editors will make the final call, but we want to know how you would vote. The finalists are after the jump. » 11/29/05 7:00pm 11/29/05 7:00pm

Shure E3G Giveaway Winner - David K

Thanks everyone for entering the Shure E3G Giveway Contest. We got almost 10,000 entries, an impressive number by any standard. Stay tuned for future giveaways including a free pony rides, tummy rubs, and balloon animals made by our own Multi-Talented Intern, Travis. Be sure to visit Shure to check out their… » 11/01/05 3:16pm 11/01/05 3:16pm