Chinese Factory Workers Ask Apple for Respect and an Apology

Chinese factory workers have sent a letter to Steve Jobs and Apple hoping that the company will take notice of the harsh working conditions of factories and apologize to the workers for exposing workers to hexyl hydride, also called n-hexane. Hexyl hydride causes "sweaty hands and feet, sudden numbness in hands,… »2/22/11 5:18pm2/22/11 5:18pm

Apple Rumor Du Jour: Touchscreen Video iPod Set to Launch Next Month?

Wintek is supplying touchscreen panels for Apple's upcoming video iPod in time for an August release, according to sources within the Taiwan supply chain. We're taking this "leak" with a heady dose of skepticism, naturally, but the naming of a specific supplier as well as the date—Apple has a healthy history of big… »7/11/07 9:20am7/11/07 9:20am