Felix Baumgartner's Got Nothing on This Free-Falling Kitty

We'll never know whether this Siamese cat was attempting to set freefall records for its species or engaging in a dramatic feline suicide attempt when it jumped from the top of this Colombian communications tower. But we do know that firefighters were on hand to catch it in a net before it hit the ground. Well done,… »12/31/12 9:53am12/31/12 9:53am

Archaeologists Think Hidden Imperial Tomb May Be Too Deadly to Explore

After discovering a secret palace hidden in China's first emperor massive burial complex, Chinese technicians are nervous. Not because Qin Shi Huang's tomb is the most important archeological discovery since Tutankhamun, but because they believe his burial place is full of deadly traps that will kill any trespassers.… »12/28/12 7:26pm12/28/12 7:26pm

You Can Search YouTube for LITERALLY ANYTHING + "Rap" and Get Instant Sad

So maybe this is obvious, but people like to rap on YouTube. And then they leave the videos up, forever. On one hand, this is a curious anthropological development for humanity. On the other hand, it means there's a rap video for virtually any noun, verb, or other descriptor in English. »12/21/12 2:20pm12/21/12 2:20pm

"steve ballmer rap"

Can Anyone Really Survive the Booby Traps in Home Alone?

There are few movies that get me in the holiday spirt as much as Home Alone does. I'm not kidding! As a kid, I always imagined myself being as clever as Macaulay Culkin, rigging my house with booby traps, holding down the fort at home. But do those booby traps actually do anything? The Week took a look at the injuries… »12/20/12 11:00pm12/20/12 11:00pm