G-Cell Communication Glove Uses Bluetooth, Talk-To-The-Hand Technology

Billed as the first communications glove, the G-Cell glove is a collaboration between glove manufacturer Swany and experimental development company Texsys GmbH. The design, with its integrated microphone, speaker and a couple of buttons to make calls, is clearly aimed at winter sports enthusiasts. Here's what the… »2/06/08 5:28am2/06/08 5:28am

Venom Switchboard, a Cross Between Skis and Snowboard

Winter is coming and it's just about time to hit the slopes, but are you having trouble deciding between downhill skiing and snowboarding? The Venom Switchboard is a cross between the two, and adds an aluminum steering bar for even greater control. This vehicle looks like it mixes together just the right amount of… »11/09/07 12:45pm11/09/07 12:45pm

Lifebag Saves Lives in Avalanches, Doubles as Halloween Costume

Aimed at winter sports enthusiasts, the Lifebag is a nifty refillable backpack. Weighing in at less than three pounds, its 150-liter capacity tank fills with gas in just three seconds when inflated manually, protecting the head and upper body of the wearer. But this Swiss invention could be so much more than just a… »10/25/07 4:00pm10/25/07 4:00pm