Wire: A Wonderful Messaging App Missing the Only Thing That Matters

Wire is a beautiful new messaging app created by some of the key people behind Skype. The app is an effort to streamline some of the clunkiness that exists in virtually every messaging app out there. After trying it out this morning, I can say that the app succeeds. Whether anybody will use it or not is an entirely… »12/03/14 12:25pm12/03/14 12:25pm


Wire magically untangles itself in water

Nitinol wire, a metal alloy made from nickel and titanium, basically has magic properties that lets it remember its 'original' shape. You can bend it over and over, twist it up, bunch it together and confuse the heck out of it however much you want but once you throw it in hot water, it'll snap back to its original… »6/10/14 11:14pm6/10/14 11:14pm

Police Forces Around the Country Are Using GPS Tracking Tags Without Warrants

As GPS tags and monitoring equipment reach rock-bottom pricing for law enforcement around the country, they're being used to track potential criminals' 24/7 whereabouts far more frequently. Currently, such usage does not require a warrant, but the Washington Post »8/14/08 2:20pm8/14/08 2:20pm is reporting that growing unrest in the courts and…