Microsoft WED 8000 Keyboard Pushed Back to September

If you were looking forward to getting your hands on a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 this summer, we have some bad news. Microsoft's just told us they're pushing back the release date to September, which means your only choice now is to go with the $100 cheaper 7000, which is just about as good if all… » 3/07/07 4:15pm 3/07/07 4:15pm

Hands-On With Microsoft's True Ultimate Keyboard

Click to viewIf you're the kind of user who enjoys either soft, laptop-like scissor keys or a curved ergonomic keyboard, you're already gonzo'd over Microsoft's earlier keyboard, the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. But if you're looking for the top of the line—the real grandaddy of Microsoft keyboards—you're… » 3/01/07 3:00pm 3/01/07 3:00pm