Review: Sony's Complete Bravia Link Home Theater System

While many of us have our collection of nice electronic toys, most of us can't afford to walk into a store, take a look at a company like Sony's complete line of Bravia media add-ons and walk out with it all. And your conscience might stop you anyway-even if your wallet could take the hit, you know enough to look… » 11/17/08 12:01pm 11/17/08 12:01pm

Toshiba Media Server is a Wireless Powerhouse, Dodecahedron

This strangely sexy (for a networked storage device) Toshiba wireless media server concept on show at CEATEC takes a novel approach to design; as wires disappear, the necessity for an unimaginative stack of home theater equipment is diminished. The device is loaded with wireless capabilities, including Wi-Fi, wireless… » 9/30/08 8:50am 9/30/08 8:50am

Sony, Sharp, Hitachi, Samsung and Motorola Agree on Amimon Whole-House…

Be happy: A new wireless HD video standard guarantees that major brands including Sony, Sharp, Hitachi, Samsung and Motorola will have interoperable wireless video streaming. Amimon-the chip makers behind the "video modem" wireless HD tech we've been seeing on and off for the last few years, and most recently in … » 7/23/08 5:00am 7/23/08 5:00am

Belkin FlyWire Wireless HDMI Box Beams 1080p Anywhere in Your House,…

We first saw Belkin's slick-looking wireless HDMI kit at CES, when it was due in September for about $600. Now dubbed FlyWire (nice and catchy!), they've got two initial entries: FlyWire will shoot full 1080p goodness using the 5GHz band to anywhere in your house, walls be damned, for $999. Plus, it has an IR… » 7/10/08 3:00am 7/10/08 3:00am

Two Bravia TV Modules That Make Sense: Wireless HDMI and Slot-Loading…

Sure the Bravia Internet Video Link is a dubious use of $300 (even with YouTube), but there are at least two Bravia add-on modules in Sony's oven that are tasty and smart: A wireless HDMI module-neato factor is self-explanatory, especially since the transmitter takes up to four HDMI connections-and a slot loading DVD… » 6/05/08 7:52pm 6/05/08 7:52pm

Gefen Offers Wireless HDMI Extender for Pre-Order

Before you start smashing holes through drywall and turning your home theater upside down, you might want to take a look at this Gefen wireless HDMI extender, sending 720p or 1080i video up to 33 feet away and perhaps saving your marriage. This box looks a little different from the one we saw at CES last January, and… » 6/21/07 12:04pm 6/21/07 12:04pm

Motorola and Amimon Join Forces to Standardize Wireless HD

We were pretty impressed when Amimon demoed their wireless HD interface for us back at CES, and apparently we weren't the only ones. Motorola announced today that they'll be investing in the Israeli-based company, whose WHDMI interface lets you transfer HD video between components with no degradation in video quality… » 3/13/07 7:17pm 3/13/07 7:17pm

Wireless Or HDMI? Amimon Demos its Video Modem

Which monitor above is wireless and which is HDMI? In a challenging demo, two 720p TVs were placed side-by side, with one fed by a conventional HDMI cable and the other with the uncompressed wireless HDMI technology the company calls a "video modem." Could we guess which one was HDMI and which was wireless? No, we got… » 1/09/07 7:56pm 1/09/07 7:56pm