Tiny Wireless Keyboard Doesn't Impede Cuddling

If you're looking for a smallish multimedia keyboard for your media PC, you could do worse than this little number available at Brando. Connecting through 2.4GHz RF and USB dongle, the 78-key keyboard features an additional 20 media keys and an integrated 1000 dpi trackball mouse. Operating on 2 AAA batteries up to… » 10/03/08 10:15am 10/03/08 10:15am

i-rocks RF-6570 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Has 8,388,608 Channels and Nothing On

There are so many cordless devices hanging around these days, they can interfere with each other, but not the i-rocks RF-6570 Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Combo. That's because it's using a 2.4GHz wireless link with four automatically-selected frequencies. Using FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)… » 8/28/06 12:23pm 8/28/06 12:23pm