Logitech K800 Keyboard Is An Enlightening Wireless Keyboard Experience

If you thought Logitech's MK700 wireless keyboard's concave keys were good but just too dark, the illuminated K800 will be a spot of sunshine. Yep! A spot of relatively pricey sunshine. » 8/18/10 8:00am 8/18/10 8:00am

Phantom Lapboard Review

The Phantom Lapboard is one of those fabled legends of the gadget world, a keyboard and mouse that you can use comfortably on a couch—in the making since 2004. » 1/21/09 3:40pm 1/21/09 3:40pm

Backlit Wireless Keyboard is Probably Too Small To Use (But it Glows,…

Brando's latest puts its last tiny keyboard effort to (very mild) shame with wireless connectivity and full backlighting. As ridiculous as this thing is, the new features almost make it practical. » 12/17/08 7:22am 12/17/08 7:22am