Atheros Wireless N for Smartphones Actually Uses Less Power Than Slowass G

Wireless N in cellphones, it's happening next year: Atheros's AR6003 802.11n/Bluetooth chip for cellphones is tiny, has serious range and uses less power than their current wireless G chip, which is in the Zune HD. It'll hit phones around the second half of next year. Such a long wait. [PC Mag] » 11/02/09 10:36am 11/02/09 10:36am

Planex GW-USMicronN: A Teeny, Tiny Wireless-N Adapter

Wireless-N speeds sound great and everything (74Mbps!), but who wants to buy a bulky new adapter? The GW-USMicronN from Planex makes the upgrade painless, assuming you have an N router. Possibly the smallest 802.11n USB adapter to date (1/6 the size of the D-Link beside it), early testing shows that its range and… » 11/05/08 9:30am 11/05/08 9:30am

D-Link DIR-825 Dual-Band N Router Gets USB over Wi-Fi (and So Can You)

D-Link announced a new router yesterday which sounds a lot like other flagship home routers that have already hit market: The $200 DIR-825 is dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz N plus Gigabit ethernet. These are all great features, but the surprising one is that the USB port in the back uses a new protocol that lets networked… » 10/02/08 6:15pm 10/02/08 6:15pm

Netgear Polishes Wireless-N with WNR2000 and DGN2000 Routers

Slowly but surely we're seeing Wireless-N Wi-Fi become more established in the marketplace, and it's a good sign to see Netgear refreshing their line. Their new WNR2000 ($89) is a standard N router and the DGN2000 ($119) is the same router with a built-in DSL modem. Both systems feature Netgear's password-less Push… » 9/29/08 8:00pm 9/29/08 8:00pm

D-Link DIR-855 Router Blasts Wireless N Over Dual Channels

If you are looking for a serious solution for your home media streaming needs, D-Link's new DIR-855 Wireless N Router is offering simultaneous full-on dual 802.11n transmissions over both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. So, for those with heavy bandwith needs—this router will allow two people to go to town using their own… » 3/03/08 9:00pm 3/03/08 9:00pm

Time Capsule Review: Smooth Sailing, No Surprises

Click to viewWe've been fiddling with Time Capsule since it arrived this AM, and so far it works as billed, clean and easy. The star of the show is really the new AirPort Utility software, which now comes with some neat tricks for the network-phobic. Most of all, we're learning the ins and outs of adding external… » 2/29/08 12:18pm 2/29/08 12:18pm

Belkin N1 Vision Router Makes 802.11n Sexier Than Ever With Built-In Screen

Belkin's latest N1 series router, the N1 Vision, isn't just hands-down the smokiest 802.11n draft 2.0 router we've seen—it tries to one-up everyone else with a built-in LCD screen that displays info ranging from a bandwidth speedometer to the number of neighbors leeching your internet. At $200, the sexiness doesn't… » 7/11/07 10:38am 7/11/07 10:38am

Wi-Fi Alliance Will Start Certifying Draft N 2.0 Products in June; Worrywarts Rejoice

The Wi-Fi Alliance is going to start certifying 802.11 Draft N 2.0 products late next month. While the final standard won't be set in stone until 2008, certified Draft N 2.0 products will have guaranteed interoperability with future N versions so you can get your N on without worry and will sport the fancy sticker on… » 5/16/07 6:45pm 5/16/07 6:45pm

802.11n Finished 1/08, Rubber Stamp Coming 10/08

IEEE's 802.11n working group has given Draft 2.0 of the spec a thumbs up, sending it off to members for approval by the end of this month. The upshot is that once it's okayed by all members, work on Draft 3.0 starts in earnest, to be sent out for voting by June. As long as everything goes off without a hitch over the… » 1/23/07 8:32pm 1/23/07 8:32pm