D-Link DIR-825 Dual-Band N Router Gets USB over Wi-Fi (and So Can You)

D-Link announced a new router yesterday which sounds a lot like other flagship home routers that have already hit market: The $200 DIR-825 is dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz N plus Gigabit ethernet. These are all great features, but the surprising one is that the USB port in the back uses a new protocol that lets networked… »10/02/08 6:15pm10/02/08 6:15pm

Netgear Polishes Wireless-N with WNR2000 and DGN2000 Routers

Slowly but surely we're seeing Wireless-N Wi-Fi become more established in the marketplace, and it's a good sign to see Netgear refreshing their line. Their new WNR2000 ($89) is a standard N router and the DGN2000 ($119) is the same router with a built-in DSL modem. Both systems feature Netgear's password-less Push… »9/29/08 8:00pm9/29/08 8:00pm

D-Link DIR-855 Router Blasts Wireless N Over Dual Channels

If you are looking for a serious solution for your home media streaming needs, D-Link's new DIR-855 Wireless N Router is offering simultaneous full-on dual 802.11n transmissions over both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. So, for those with heavy bandwith needs—this router will allow two people to go to town using their own… »3/03/08 9:00pm3/03/08 9:00pm

Belkin N1 Vision Router Makes 802.11n Sexier Than Ever With Built-In Screen

Belkin's latest N1 series router, the N1 Vision, isn't just hands-down the smokiest 802.11n draft 2.0 router we've seen—it tries to one-up everyone else with a built-in LCD screen that displays info ranging from a bandwidth speedometer to the number of neighbors leeching your internet. At $200, the sexiness doesn't… »7/11/07 10:38am7/11/07 10:38am

Wi-Fi Alliance Will Start Certifying Draft N 2.0 Products in June; Worrywarts Rejoice

The Wi-Fi Alliance is going to start certifying 802.11 Draft N 2.0 products late next month. While the final standard won't be set in stone until 2008, certified Draft N 2.0 products will have guaranteed interoperability with future N versions so you can get your N on without worry and will sport the fancy sticker on… »5/16/07 6:45pm5/16/07 6:45pm