SoundOn Media-210 Wireless 2.1 Mac/PC Speakers Lightning Review

The Gadget: A set of 2.1 speakers (two satellites + a sub) that can connect wirelessly to your Mac or PC via a USB dongle to provide audio playback across a room. It uses the crowded 2.4GHz band, which receives interference from other equipment in your house like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microwaves and cordless phones, but… »12/09/08 3:00pm12/09/08 3:00pm

Lightning Review: EOS Wireless iPod Dock/Speaker System Gets Sound To Every Room Cheaply And Easily

The Gadget: EOS Wireless iPod Dock/Wireless Speaker system, which has one base unit that can take either an iPod or anything that can feed into its 3.5mm aux input (wire included). With this one base unit you can feed up to four satellite wireless units up to 150 feet away (or less through walls and floors). »7/30/08 8:00pm7/30/08 8:00pm

Logitech Adds to Pure-Fi Speaker Range With Bluetooth Mobile Version

Logitech's Pure-Fi Mobile will apparently "transform your low-fidelity mobile-phone audio into high-fidelity, stereophonic sound." You leave your cellphone in your pocket while streaming music over Bluetooth to the speaker module, using A2DP protocol for higher-fidelity sound. With four speakers it should be able to… »5/20/08 10:00am5/20/08 10:00am

JBL On Air Control 2.4G: Wireless Speakers With Plenty of Wires

Here's a sad fact of life. No matter what wireless speakers you buy, there's always gonna be some amount of cabling required, be it for power or whatnot. So although JBL's On Air speakers claim to be "wireless" as the folks at CNET found out, they're anything but. Still, one thing they have over the competition is… »3/02/07 7:35pm3/02/07 7:35pm

Acoustic Research Claims Their New Wireless 5.1 Speaker System is the Best

I'm usually skeptical about wireless speakers, but Acoustic Research claims their new 5.1 system is the first "high performance" wireless speaker package. So what does the WHT6024 have that others don't? AR says the system (which works over 2.4GHz frequency) continuously searches for and eliminates interference from… »3/01/07 9:52am3/01/07 9:52am

JBL Cuts Cords and Clutter with Wall Mountable Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers have been getting more love from manufacturers lately and the latest company to extend their welcome hug is JBL with its new Air Control speakers. The 2.1 system comes with a built-in amp, wireless receiver, and remote control. They use the 2.4GHz frequency to beam audio around your room and unlike… »1/19/07 9:10am1/19/07 9:10am