IOGear Wireless USB Hub Reviewed (Verdict: Pointless Use Of Good Technology)

Unquestionably, Wireless USB is a technology with great potential. With the introduction of IOGear's Wireless USB Hub, they claim it connects to your PC easily, clears up wire clutter and makes speedy file transfers. But after playing with IOGear's Wireless USB Hub, we can't say this device lives up to that potential.… »10/24/07 2:27pm10/24/07 2:27pm


Belkin Wireless USB Hub Is All Dressed Up, No Place to Go

Belkin's bringing some seriously pretty design to its game, and here's another example: a four-port wireless USB hub that lets you roam freely with your USB devices. Belkin says this model F5U302 lets you transfer data at the full USB 2.0 speed of 480Mbps over a 30-foot range. This might come in handy for a printer… »7/11/07 11:17am7/11/07 11:17am