A Toy Truck Saved the Lives of Six Soldiers in Afghanistan

Staff Sgt. Christopher Fessenden is alive right now thanks to a toy truck. Seriously. The toy truck was always sent ahead of him in Afghanistan to look for roadside bombs. Last week, it ran into a tripwire and exploded. » 8/04/11 4:27pm 8/04/11 4:27pm

Shoe Spy Camera Will Probably Get You Arrested

Wow. Omejo says its Wireless Shoe Covert Camera is specially designed for super-secret spy types, not upskirt perves. Riiight. The tiny camera hides in a shoe, and a tethered transmitter beams video to an included receiver with a 3-inch display. » 9/02/09 5:00pm 9/02/09 5:00pm

LINDY WiFi and Bluetooth Finder

Similar WiFi finders are on the market—allowing you to quickly see whether there is an open hotspot without pulling out your laptop—but very few allow you to also scan for Bluetooth networks. » 5/19/06 5:15pm 5/19/06 5:15pm