A Single Cable With Swappable Connectors Wants To Replace All Your Wires

Traveling for work usually involves bringing along a small mountain of electronics, each with cables that need to tag along too. But a new Kickstarter promises to replace them all—power, video, and audio—with a single multi-headed cord that can handle any connection that wireless hasn't already replaced. » 2/19/15 2:40pm 2/19/15 2:40pm

Tiny Copper and Carbon Nanotube Wires Increase Current Flow 100 Fold

Researchers in Japan have developed an incredibly thin wire—just half a micrometer in diameter—made from a new composite material composed of traditional copper and those new fangled carbon nanotubes. But what makes this creation particularly awesome is that the new wire allows over 100 times more current to flow than… » 1/30/14 12:20pm 1/30/14 12:20pm

Wireframe Furniture Looks Great But Is Almost Certainly Uncomfortable

It would be so convenient if all the clutter in life could just disappear. Only the essentials. Clean lines. If you replaced everything in your house with pieces from this series by Japanese architecture group NOIZ you would never need to worry about loose change under the couch cushions or crumbs on the table again.… » 6/30/13 1:31pm 6/30/13 1:31pm

An Iron and Steel Mill Company Decided to Make a Calendar Filled with Naked Girls and Melted Metal

For some reason, a Belarusian iron and steel mill made a calendar using its naked women workers. That's sort of normal, I guess. But the iron and steel mill wanted to make sure anyone who saw this calendar knew it was theirs by superimposing images of melting metal, wire looms, burning steel, cables, fences and… » 12/03/12 10:20pm 12/03/12 10:20pm

Rock Band USB Hub Makes Guitar Hero III Dongle Look Like Wireless Wonderland

If you weren't a fan of the PS3's Guitar Hero III donglage, you're probably going to shoot yourself in the face over the USB hub for the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band. It requires external power, so it comes with a power block that you have to plug in (obviously). Not totally unexpected, given that it's powering four… » 10/30/07 7:00pm 10/30/07 7:00pm