Senate Set to Give Retroactive Immunity to AT&T and Other Telcos for Warrantless Wiretapping Program

Should AT&T and the other telcos involved (like Verizon) get a total pass for participating in the NSA's domestic wiretapping program that let the government eavesdrop on Americans without a warrant? The Senate's thisclose to giving them immunity from lawsuits like the one the Electronic Freedom Foundation's filed… »12/17/07 3:20pm12/17/07 3:20pm

Video: The AT&T Wiretapping Dealio Explained in Two Minutes

This clip, featuring AT&T whisteblower Mark Klein, was thrown together by Senator Chris Dodd's staff and neatly wraps up the basics of the snooping allegations the EFF's pursuing against AT&T. He's apparently rubbing elbows in DC this week to explain the issue to Congressional types. If his spiel gets at all… »11/08/07 4:00am11/08/07 4:00am