Google I/O Wishlist: What We Want (And What We'll Get)

Google's biggest day of the year is here: Google I/O! And along with fancy developer seminars with enticing names like "open-source technologies from the Hadoop ecosystem as part of your Cloud toolkit," we're also going to get some Fun Announcements. Here's what we're expecting, what we're hoping for, and what'll have… » 6/25/14 9:35am 6/25/14 9:35am

What iPhone Third-Party Apps Would You Like?

While the dust is still clearing from yesterday's All Things D (as in Digital, Damned, Drowsy, completely Delightful and even Dildonic at times), the best news for me has been Jobs' announcement that Apple is planning to open the Mac OS X Messiah-phone to developers. To achieve their need to balance security and… » 5/31/07 11:22am 5/31/07 11:22am