10 More Viral Photos That Are Actually Total Fakes

The internet can be a tough place to distinguish fact from fiction. Who has time to fact-check all those beautiful, weird, and sometimes horrifying pictures? Well, we do. » 2/20/14 2:56pm 2/20/14 2:56pm

These skydiving lunatics prove the world has always had total badasses

Borderline supermen have been making crazy dives at the Earth since long before Felix Baumgarnter took a fall from space. Here are a pair of back-in-the-day badasses in a 1941 "Death Dive Race" to the ground. And looking back on it today they still seem as ballsy as ever. » 1/03/14 9:51am 1/03/14 9:51am

This wonderful sound is a turbine engine's worst nightmare

Turbines are huge, intricate, beautiful machines. And if you drop something inside of them, they double as musical instruments. But as YouTuber AgentJayZ demonstrates, the delightful xylophone sound that makes is actually horrible. » 12/26/13 6:23pm 12/26/13 6:23pm

Mount Etna just had its first spectacular eruption in 20 years

Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, erupted into life this past weekend, sending lava bombs about one-meter-wide soaring into the sky for the first time in over 20 years. » 11/19/13 4:26pm 11/19/13 4:26pm

The voice of Albert Einstein

Have you ever heard Albert Einstein talking? In the fall of 1941, Albert Einstein gave this extraordinary reading of his essay "The Common Language of Science" to the British Association for the Advancement of Science. It's truly fascinating. » 11/14/13 2:24pm 11/14/13 2:24pm

NASA's new simulation of ancient Mars looks just like Earth

NASA has created a beautiful simulation of how Mars might have looked billions of years ago. It's a fascinating view that looks eerily like Earth. According to NASA: » 11/13/13 11:22am 11/13/13 11:22am

This is how you blow up a planet, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson

Hayden Planetarium Director and supreme astrophysics badass Neil deGrasse Tyson recently took to his podcast, Star Talk Radio, to answer a few questions from the audience as read by noted funnyman Eugene Mirman. And fortunately for us, Grand Moff Tyson decided to take the one about blowing up planets. » 11/01/13 1:38pm 11/01/13 1:38pm

What Kind of Photographic Trickery Is Going On Here?

Left side of the photo: adorable 4-year-old pancake chef is blinking. Right side of the photo, in the reflection: his eyes are wide open. Whoa. Viral marketing for the The Last Exorcist? Not exactly. » 8/20/10 9:00pm 8/20/10 9:00pm