Withings' Wonderful Watch-Looking Fitness Tracker Now Works With Android

At this year's CES, we found out that one of the most attractive (and expensive) fitness trackers out there was going to come in an affordable form: the Withings Activité Pop. The catch? It was iOS only. But no more! Withings has announced both the $400 and $150 versions of its watch-based fitness tracker are coming… » 3/01/15 4:18pm 3/01/15 4:18pm

​The Best Fitness Tracker for Every Need

Like many of you, I work in front of a computer. They're powerful devices, but they also suck your will to live and trick you into never, ever getting up and going outside. Reasons like that are why fitness trackers were invented. » 2/25/15 10:35pm 2/25/15 10:35pm

Get Off The Couch With This Discounted Withings Pulse O2

There's a horde of fitness-centric wearables out there competing for real estate on your wrist, but few track as many aspects of your life as the Withings Pulse O2, and you can own one for just $80 today. » 1/20/15 9:45am 1/20/15 9:45am

Watches Are the Next Fitness Trackers

This year's CES is flooded with fitness trackers, and there are hundreds more waiting in the wings. But what's set the most interesting ones apart isn't price. It's design. The fitness tracker and the watch are converging, in the best possible way. And faster than you might have thought. » 1/06/15 12:21pm 1/06/15 12:21pm

Withings Activité Pop Fitness Tracker: Looks Nice, Right Price

Withings has been making some of the best fitness trackers for a couple years now. So when we first saw the Withings Activité—a lovely analog watch that was secretly an activity tracker—we were excited. That excitement waned, somewhat, when we found it it costs $450. Oh but hello, here comes the new Activité Pop,… » 1/04/15 11:30am 1/04/15 11:30am

9 Gifts to Turn a House Into a Smart Home

The number of connected home devices has skyrocketed in the past dozen months, and your loved ones might feel a little left out if they're not controlling appliances with a phone. Let's fix that, shall we? » 12/11/14 10:55am 12/11/14 10:55am

Withing's Activité Is One Of the Most Expensive Wearables Yet

Pre-orders have opened for the Withings Activité, the beautiful-looking watch that also happens to be a fitness tracker. Unfortunately, the price is right in line with other quality watches: four hundred and fifty of your finest American dollars. » 11/08/14 2:11pm 11/08/14 2:11pm

This Beautiful Watch Is Actually a Fitness Tracker

If you've been waiting for a smartwatch that looks beautiful in a more traditional sense, your wait might be over. The new Withings Activité is a fitness tracker that can really hold its own in terms of style. » 6/23/14 6:33pm 6/23/14 6:33pm

Welcome to the Bedroom of the Future

In sci-fi movies, people of the future live in impossibly futuristic houses full of screens and robots and dreams. We see them wake up as an automatic curtain opens, and they saunter over to a closet where their clothes move on a conveyor belt. It's a real world facsimile of a Jetsons episode. But it's not the real… » 5/06/14 3:26pm 5/06/14 3:26pm

Withings' New Pulse Adds an O2 Monitor So You Can Breathe Easy

Last year, Withings' Pulse fitness monitor impressed us with the plethora of data it collects—including, as the name suggests, your pulse. This year's update adds yet one more handy feature: a blood oxygen monitor. Mountain climbers, now you can breathe easy. » 4/22/14 1:52pm 4/22/14 1:52pm

Withings Aura: An Alarm Clock That Helps You Wake Up and Fall Asleep

Designing an electronic device to wake someone up is easy—it just needs a clock and suitably loud speaker. But designing a device that wakes someone up gently so they're not a tyrant in the morning, and helps them get to sleep at night? That's a challenge that Withings tackled with its new Aura bedside system that… » 1/05/14 6:00pm 1/05/14 6:00pm

Withings Pulse Review: Lots of Data In a Little Package

This year has produced a flood of fitness trackers and, as such, it takes more than it has in the past to stand out from the crowd. The unassuming Withings Pulse has a neat trick up its sleeve that just might do it: In addition to all the usual stuff, it can take your pulse. » 7/18/13 3:30pm 7/18/13 3:30pm

All the Best Stuff from a Mildly Horrible CES Press Event

For better or worse, CES Unveiled is a thing. We actually find it terribly convenient—dozens of gadgetmakers under one roof. And we found some cool stuff too. Huzzah! We braved the throngs and fried-food-vapors for you, my dears. Here's the best stuff we saw: » 1/06/13 9:03pm 1/06/13 9:03pm

Second screening is what executives like…

Withings' Smart Body Analyzer Feet On: This Wi-Fi Scale Is Basically a…

Withings' other announcement today was an updated Wi-Fi scale that measures your heart rate, as well as the quality of the air in which you sleep and reside. A sensor on the scale probes the surrounding air every 30 minutes, a Withings spokesman tells us, and every morning when you jump on, it'll give you a… » 1/06/13 7:29pm 1/06/13 7:29pm

Hands-on with a Seriously Next-Level Activity Tracker

Withings little Smart Activity Tracker is, in fact, tiny but a smidge larger than the Fitbit One. It's an odd little shaped device in that it's kind of like Apple's iPod Shuffle if you've ever seen one of those before. » 1/06/13 7:18pm 1/06/13 7:18pm

This Scale Measures the Carbon Dioxide Levels In Your Room and Your…

Though it seems iterative, Withings new Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 adds additional features like heart rate and air quality monitoring. Your weight, body fat and pulse are then transmitted over Wi-Fi/Bluetooth to the Withings Health Mate app (iOS, Android). » 1/06/13 2:33pm 1/06/13 2:33pm

Finally, A Tiny Wearable Activity Tracker That Supports Android And…

I know what you're thinking and I thought the same thing too. But this little activity tracker is different from the others, I swear. » 1/06/13 2:00pm 1/06/13 2:00pm

Withings Smart Baby Monitor Review: Always Watching, Always Judging

Babies are helpless. They need things, like food and shelter and comfort, and you have to give these things to your baby unless you are a horrible person. Babies often need things in the night, or upon waking up from naps. And of course, for new parents, SIDS is a concern, or should be. » 4/04/12 3:20pm 4/04/12 3:20pm

Withings New Scale Tracks Your Fat Baby's Baby Fat

Withings new baby scale seems like a great idea for tracking babies weight. Plop the kid on the scale, and it wirelessly sends data to a Withings app, graphing it up just as prettily as your delightful little baby. » 1/09/12 11:47am 1/09/12 11:47am

Use Your New Baby as an Excuse to Buy an iPhone and Smart Baby Monitor

This is a great opportunity to buy some new gadgets—and your wife will love you even more for it! It's much better than hooking up a laptop to your baby's crib, while you Skype it from the kitchen. » 1/07/11 12:00pm 1/07/11 12:00pm