Japanese Weight Loss Service Gives You Virtual Nags From a Virtual Wife

Lonely Japanese fatties now have a new way to make themselves lose weight: a virtual nagging wife. Metaboinfo.com allows you to set up a weight loss plan, then assign one of four "wives" (aid, businesswoman, nurse or salon worker) to email you on a daily basis. Depending on whether you're ahead or behind the curve,… » 10/23/08 7:20pm 10/23/08 7:20pm

Cellphone Tells Blabbermouth Wife To Quiet Down

So you're on the phone on your way from work talking to you lovely wife about how "interesting" her day was: she put the kids on the school bus, cleaned the house, cooked dinner, etc. As it should be. However, you spot a hazard on the road then have to quickly tell her to shut up lest her breadwinner end up in an… » 2/27/07 10:32am 2/27/07 10:32am