Zune on Windows Mobile Confirmed by Steve Ballmer

Microsoft's Ballmer has just confirmed that Zune software will be coming to Windows Mobile devices as well as other phones, as sort of a really late follow-up to Robbie Bach's » 10/02/08 6:40pm 10/02/08 6:40pm comments on the same subject. Ballmer goes one step further than Robbie, who just made vague comments on the platform, and said this: We're…

Velocity Mobile 103 Smartphone Gets UK Launch Date, Pricing

We mentioned the Velocity 103 back in April » 9/11/08 5:44am 9/11/08 5:44am, giving it a Q2 launch date. It looks like there've been a few delays to Velocity Mobile's entry to the smartphone market though, since the device is only now on pre-sale, with availability at the end of this month. It's a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional device, featuring a…

HTC Tilt Windows Mobile 6.1 Update Actually Out

That Windows Mobile 6.1 update » 8/26/08 4:50pm 8/26/08 4:50pm we showed you last week when it was to be out is now officially out (according to HTC). Grab it now. []New features: Windows Mobile 6.1 HTC Home Screen Video Share Calling Threaded SMS MS Voice Command OneNote Mobile Remote Desktop Monitor Enroll Domain Managed Programs PTT Button now…

HTC's S740 Is the Touch Diamond With a Keyboard, Runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard

HTC's gone and followed up their S730 » 8/26/08 5:22am 8/26/08 5:22am-which was itself an HTC Vox successor-with the HTC S740. The latest phone keeps the slide-out candybar form factor, complete with keypad on front and QWERTY on the back, but also takes huge design influences from the . It runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard edition (the gimpier one),…

AT&T's Tilt Finally Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Update

AT&T and HTC have finally pushed out the Windows Mobile 6.1 update, which according to Softpedia » 8/18/08 4:26pm 8/18/08 4:26pm, brings threaded SMS, video share calling, MS Voice Command, Remote Desktop Monitor and managed programs. Everyone with a Tilt should download this ASAP and get the benefit that fewer bugs provides. Our tipster also tells…

HTC Touch Diamond Shows Up on FCC With US 3G Specs

Like the sun rising or your prostate swelling to grapefruit sizes, the HTC Touch Diamond showing up on the FCC site was an inevitability. It's not like we didn't know it was coming, but seeing for ourselves that it exists and has the proper US-based 3G HSDPA capabilities is always good. Now all that's left is to wait… » 7/29/08 12:19pm 7/29/08 12:19pm

HTC Touch Pro Gets Fondled, But That Doesn't Turn It On

The guys over at Phone Mag managed to get their hands on the HTC Touch Pro "Raphael" and its sweet slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, there was no battery and the device could not be turned on-but no significant changes are expected on that front over the previous Touch handset. All in all, Phone Mag felt that… » 6/27/08 2:32pm 6/27/08 2:32pm

Treo 800W Heading to Sprint on July 13th for $600

We already know plenty about the upcoming WM 6.1 powered Treo 800W, but if a leak obtained by Phone Arena is correct, the device will be available to corporate customers starting on July 9th, with the general public following four days later. It will also be priced at $599 without commitments. [Phone Arena via … » 6/23/08 5:59pm 6/23/08 5:59pm

HTC Touch Diamond Impressions (Verdict: It's Kinda Slow)

Addy fiddled with the HTC Touch at the official unveiling about a month ago, but we've just got our own units delivered to us for extensive in-home testing. The exterior looks as nice as we've already seen in unboxing shots, and the TouchFlo is much more refined than the previous incarnations in HTC's ever-expanding… » 6/07/08 5:01pm 6/07/08 5:01pm

Qik's Cellphone Video Broadcasting App Coming to Windows Mobile

Qik's been doing live video streaming (think live YouTube) from Nokia S60 cellphones for a few months now, but Mobilecrunch has the scoop that they're expanding to Windows Mobile phones shortly. The support and partnership will be officially announced next week at Tech-Ed, which will give WM users the ability to… » 6/06/08 2:10pm 6/06/08 2:10pm

Pantech Duo 2 Dual-Sliding Windows Mobile Phone Leaked on FCC

Seeing as the original AT&T Pantech Duo 1 is the C810, this C820 has a really high possibility of being the Pantech Duo 2. There aren't many details, but it's got WCDMA 850/1900, which is AT&T's 3G, and probably will run Windows Mobile like the previous ones. It's interesting to check out the differences between this… » 5/31/08 12:00pm 5/31/08 12:00pm

Semi-Official Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM Leaked

This isn't the final official version of the Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile 6.1 firmware update—which probably means that it shouldn't be called "official"—but it has been leaked on WinMo dev sites. New features are Sprint TV, a larger Start Menu, speedier response and of course, Windows Mobile 6.1. If you're really… » 5/15/08 9:40pm 5/15/08 9:40pm

Giga-Byte GSmart Windows Mobile Phones Have a Fancy Smart Touch UI

It took a year for Giga-Byte to follow in HTC's footsteps, but the upcoming GSmart Windows Mobile smartphones will have a brand new UI on top of the standard WinMo affair. The interface is called "Smart Touch," and will be more finger-friendly—more oriented toward gestures and finger-navigation—lending itself to… » 5/05/08 1:20pm 5/05/08 1:20pm

HTC Launching Most Important Product of the Year Next Month

The Taipei times quotes HTC's own financial executive Cheng Hui-ming at an investor's conference as saying they will launch "the most important product for HTC this year" at an event on May 6. Cheng wasn't too forthcoming with details, but it seems like it's going to be a "Touch" phone—as in one of the HTC Touch models » 4/29/08 12:40pm 4/29/08 12:40pm

TouchBrowser Brings iPhone Finger-Flicking Browsing to Windows Mobile

Desktop-like browsing is already headed to Windows Mobile in version 6.1, but can you use your finger with it? Like on the iPhone? Not exactly. For that, you'll have to install TouchBrowser. Along with being able to pan around a page to get your Britney Spears news with your finger, there's even a proprietary… » 4/14/08 8:20pm 4/14/08 8:20pm

Velocity Mobile Enters Windows Mobile Smartphone Market With 103, 111

Does the world need yet another company making Windows Mobile phones? Maybe, maybe not, but Velocity Mobile is doing it anyway with their Velocity 103 (left) and 111 (right) smartphones. Both are running Windows Mobile 6.1 and will launch in Q2 and Q3 respectively. What's this have to do with Mr. T? You can't spell… » 4/01/08 3:20pm 4/01/08 3:20pm

Windows Mobile 6.1 Gets Official, No More Rumor Nonsense

All you business fools who've been waiting for Windows Mobile 6.1 can all relax. It's here. And it's supporting all kinds of jibba jabba technologies like a new Internet Explorer Mobile with IE6 tech and h.264, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight support. There's also even more stuff for your I.T. crew (I put the T… » 4/01/08 12:30pm 4/01/08 12:30pm