Giz Explains: Every Video Format You Need to Know

Once upon time, video codecs and formats were really only the concern of AV nerds, anime freaks and hardcore not-so-legal movie downloaders. Now, even the most part-time of geeks has to deal with them, whether they're trying to stream a flick across their house with an Apple TV, dump some video onto their phone or… » 11/20/08 2:15pm 11/20/08 2:15pm

VLC Media Player Now Available For iPhone and iPod Touch

Thanks to Zottd, iPhone users can now port the popular VLC media player to their iPhone or iPod touch, making it possible to drag, drop and play MPEG/MPG, AVI and MP3 media formats. He is also in the process of researching playback for VCD, DivX, WMA, and WMV, and he notes that FLAC and OGG are coming soon. The… » 6/04/08 1:50pm 6/04/08 1:50pm

Sony Mylo 2 Software Upgrade Brings WMV Support, Other Stuff

A software upgrade to v1.1000 is now available for the Sony Mylo 2. The update brings WMV file support, a games shortcut on the home screen and SHOUTcast widget compatibility. Get your upgrade on by hitting the link, and if you notice any other improvements, drop them in the comments below. [Sony via Pocketables] » 4/12/08 6:41pm 4/12/08 6:41pm

Microsoft Silverlight Pits High Def WMV Against Flash For Web Streaming

Seeing as the rise of YouTube and Google video has pretty much made Adobe's Flash the de facto standard for Web streaming, you'd have to be a fool to try and introduce a browser plug-in for a new format. Either a fool, or a company with deep pockets. How deep? Try "This is madness! This is Sparta!" deep. Yeah, it's… » 4/16/07 10:00am 4/16/07 10:00am