You don't need to be a Nerf nerd to enjoy this epic Nerf battle

When you have a childish mind, amazing After Effects skills, and too much spare time, you end up making videos like this one: An insane nerf battle with realistic special effects, actors overacting, and ketchup. Gallons of ketchup. » 9/09/14 9:33pm 9/09/14 9:33pm

Backwards Video Apes Mute Math, Sans Budget, Haircuts

Remember that crazy backwards Mute Math video? Well, you don't need a huge production budget and guyliner to pull off those sweet effects, just the patience to learn how to lip-sync a song backwards and a video camera. Witness this video for the equally painful song "Destiny's Calling" by Melody Club. Totally… » 6/25/07 1:30pm 6/25/07 1:30pm