FCC Leaks Wolf King Gaming Keyboard, Looks Like a Turntable

God bless the FCC. Today's leak, the Wolf King gaming keyboard, is apparently the successor to the Wolf Claw, though it takes more after the Wolf Claw Type III Devour, ditching the traditional keyboard layout for a dual hockey puck setup with a weird chopped and re-arranged QWERTY setup on the right puck. » 11/09/07 3:40pm 11/09/07 3:40pm

Sub-Zero Wolf Refrigerated Drawers Ideal for the Bedroom

"... Stretching sinuously, her back forming an arc that would make a viaduct engineer blush, Lisandra mewled like a kitten. 'Oh Hef,' she breathed, opening one feline eye, 'You were staggering.' The Hef smiled wolfishly and removed the pipe from where it shouldn't have been*. 'I know,' he said, leaning over to run… » 5/07/07 7:46am 5/07/07 7:46am