Lefties Go Roadie, Wolves In California Inevitable: What’s New Outside

High-End camping gear maker Nemo promises to make sleeping outside more comfortable than ever. Cannondale is releasing a road bike fitted with a lightweight version of its “Lefty” front suspension and a second wolf has left Oregon for the sunny climes of California. Here’s what’s new outside.
»8/10/15 11:37am8/10/15 11:37am

The fascinating story of how wolves changed Yellowstone's geography

You must watch this fascinating four-minute video on the effects of the re-introduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Not only they affected the entire live of the park—increasing the number of species in it!—but actually changed the geography of the park itself, affecting the rivers in a way that… »2/17/14 6:30pm2/17/14 6:30pm

The American Museum of Natural History Updated the Lighting in this Wolf Diorama to be Moon-Realistic

The Hall of North American Mammals reopens this month at the American Museum of Natural History in New York CIty, after a pretty thorough restoration effort that involved—among much else—replacing all of the older lighting fixtures with fixtures that are more energy efficient. »10/01/12 7:30pm10/01/12 7:30pm