Pioneering Womb Transplant Surgeries Prove Successful

Nine women in Sweden have successfully undergone transplant surgery that saw them receive donor wombs from their relatives. » 1/13/14 7:37am 1/13/14 7:37am

Incredible photo shows the peaceful alien beauty of a horse fetus

You are looking at a horse on the 85th day of gestation. It's an extraordinary photo taken by an extraordinary photographer—Tim Flach. The image is weirdly beautiful, almost magical. A peaceful beauty. We know it's a horse but it almost feels like a being from another planet. » 12/11/13 11:42pm 12/11/13 11:42pm

Watch Unborn Twins Kick Each Other Inside the Womb

Sharing a small space with another person in real life is already difficult, can you imagine sharing space inside a mother's womb? Insane! But twins do it all the time and they seem to get along quite well after too. But it's not exactly happy go peaches, in this video you can see the twins kicking each other for… » 12/05/12 2:00am 12/05/12 2:00am

This Baby Had a Peach-Sized Tumor Removed With Lasers While in the Womb

This is Leyna Gonzalez. When her mother was just 17 weeks pregnant, this ultrasound scan revealed that she had a tumour the size of a peach growing from her mouth. The only way to save her was to remove it while she was still in the womb—a procedure that had never been performed before. » 6/22/12 5:57am 6/22/12 5:57am

Kickbee: Now the World Can Know What Your Fetus is Up To

Corey Menscher, in a fit of fatherly devotion, constructed a device that notifies him when his unborn baby kicks inside the womb. Even better, he's training his kid to post on Twitter right from conception. » 12/13/08 2:00pm 12/13/08 2:00pm