Amazing Wooden Supercar Makes Burning Rubber Even More Dangerous

We've seen wooden cars before, but they've never looked quite as awesome as this supercar one-off that a team of graduate students is building. Named Splinter, the supercar is being constructed as a serious attempt to explore the uses of wood as a bulding material for vehicles, so it's even loaded with a supercharged… » 12/18/07 6:16am 12/18/07 6:16am

Wooden Car Is a Schizophrenic Masterpiece

This wooden car is the product of a Ukrainian man's dream, pursued after he quit his job and sold two cars to fund the construction. One half modern and one half vintage, the gorgeous oak detailing is built upon a 1981 Opel with 100 horsepower. We're not sure if it's more beautiful than the Tryane II woodenmobile, but… » 11/23/07 8:02am 11/23/07 8:02am

Wooden Keyboard Obligates a "Having Wood" Joke

We have already declared our love for wooden keyboards, but's offering has stolen our hearts without defiling our wallets. At only $20 for a mouse and keyboard, made from the original hard stuff, we are not too sure what more you could ask of the fine people at, nay, of life. Though the product… » 11/03/07 2:00pm 11/03/07 2:00pm