The Channel Islands Wood Biscuit Is the Ride of My Dreams

When awesome technologies intersect the sum can be even greater than the parts. Such is the case with the Channel Islands Wood Biscuit, a cutting edge board design crossed with old-school materials. It's beautiful, it's functional, and I need it. » 12/30/11 6:00pm 12/30/11 6:00pm

Wooden Blackbox Macbook Cases Show Great Character

These wooden Blackbox Macbook cases are more stylish than the one's we've seen before and even more detailed. Each case is hand oiled, hand sanded, hand rubbed and individually numbered. It only weighs 1.5 pounds too. » 11/27/10 9:00pm 11/27/10 9:00pm

This Wooden V12 Ferrari Engine Won't Get You Very Far

It's gorgeously intricate and a hefty 50 pounds, but don't expect this hand-carved engine to do more than impress your friends. That's okay, though—at $6,000 on eBay, it's probably the closest to Ferrari ownership you'll get. » 10/26/10 10:00am 10/26/10 10:00am

Old Men Protect MacBooks in Leather-Lined Wooden Cases

You know that eccentric uncle, who sits surrounded by leather-bound books in his study, drinking whisky? That's how I imagine these laptop cases smell...only, you know, more IKEA-pine than antique-oak. » 9/23/10 8:00am 9/23/10 8:00am

MacBook Cutting Board is Definitely Solid State

And that state is, appropriately, applewood. Carved with some intricate MacBook detailing, it's the perfect Apple-related kitchen accessory for you fanboys (and girls) out there. It's a bit pricey though, starting at about $55. [designspray via Design Milk via Geekosystem] » 9/09/10 12:00am 9/09/10 12:00am

JVC's Updated $800 Audiophile Wooden Earphones

JVC has updated their original wooden headphones by slashing their price as well as their size. The company claims the wood construction gives the earphones superior sound quality, in addition to superior style. » 12/24/09 11:20am 12/24/09 11:20am

Wooden Automata iPhone Dock Cranks From Vertical to Horizontal

This Automata iPhone Dock by Murtaza Lakdawala is clever and useful, a combination rarely found in DIY projects. All you have to do is crank and the dock turns from vertical to horizontal. » 10/02/09 5:00pm 10/02/09 5:00pm

Solid Hardwood Vers iPhone Case Has Time Window

There will be no jokes about penis erections in this $40 Vers iPhone Case post, made of solid bamboo or other hardwoods. Thank you. Have a good day. [Vers via Likecool] » 9/24/09 5:40pm 9/24/09 5:40pm

iPod Speaker Purse Is the Cute Way to Blare Tunes in Public Places

Artist Yoshihiko Satoh's wooden speaker purse is actually pretty good-looking: It looks like speakers, not fabric, yet the size and design work as a purse (or at least an iPod carrier). It's expensive at $340, natch. [Boing Boing Gadgets] » 8/29/09 1:30pm 8/29/09 1:30pm

"Apple Netbook" Student Project Is a Pencil-Drawn Beauty

This little project has been making the rounds as the "new Apple netbook," which, unfortunately, is way off. But the truth is pretty cool anyway: It's a beautiful pencil-drawn, wooden model. » 5/05/09 1:35am 5/05/09 1:35am

This 16GB Mahjong USB Drive Costs $550?!

If you thought the Chinese were going to undercut cheap Japanese USB drives » 10/08/08 6:00pm 10/08/08 6:00pm with even cheaper versions, you've been drinking too much contaminated powered milk. These Mahjong drives are custom-engraved with three letters, such as the character on Mahjong pieces, your name or whatever dirty phrase you can come up with.…

Wooden Art Deco Old-Tyme Clock Casemod

The world's number one consumer of wood for casemods, Jeffrey Stephenson, has created another machine called the Pico Bayard. It's got a 1GHz Via C7 CPU, an 8-inch EarthLCD touchscreen LCD on the front, 1GB Crucial DDR2 memory, and integrated Wi-Fi. » 1/07/08 3:27pm 1/07/08 3:27pm

Guy Creates Wooden Sidekick 3 For Girlfriend

Handmade Christmas gifts are the best, and this hand-carved wooden Sidekick 3 will definitely make this guy's girlfriend happy. Happy, that is, until she reads his forum post on Something Awful that says he didn't make the thing slide because "she's not THAT special." Oh you! » 12/20/07 2:50pm 12/20/07 2:50pm

Amazing Wooden Supercar Makes Burning Rubber Even More Dangerous

We've seen wooden cars before, but they've never looked quite as awesome as this supercar one-off that a team of graduate students is building. Named Splinter, the supercar is being constructed as a serious attempt to explore the uses of wood as a bulding material for vehicles, so it's even loaded with a supercharged… » 12/18/07 6:16am 12/18/07 6:16am

Wooden Car Is a Schizophrenic Masterpiece

This wooden car is the product of a Ukrainian man's dream, pursued after he quit his job and sold two cars to fund the construction. One half modern and one half vintage, the gorgeous oak detailing is built upon a 1981 Opel with 100 horsepower. We're not sure if it's more beautiful than the Tryane II woodenmobile, but… » 11/23/07 8:02am 11/23/07 8:02am

Wooden Keyboard Obligates a "Having Wood" Joke

We have already declared our love for wooden keyboards, but's offering has stolen our hearts without defiling our wallets. At only $20 for a mouse and keyboard, made from the original hard stuff, we are not too sure what more you could ask of the fine people at, nay, of life. Though the product… » 11/03/07 2:00pm 11/03/07 2:00pm

Wooden Midget Guitar and HDMI Cable for Non-Elites Coming to Xbox 360

Team Xtender just made an announcement today about two products coming in the next two months. The first is a half-sized Guitar Hero guitar that's made out of wood and sized for midgets. They claim that it will be easier to carry around, but you're not playing actual gigs with that thing. » 5/10/07 7:30pm 5/10/07 7:30pm

Hulger's Ziricote Wooden Phone

Not as ghetto as the big Wooden Scony cellphones found in Mozambique, these HULGER phones are actually made of wood as a luxury thing. Constructed out of African Ziricote hardwood, which is usually used for decorative objects, the phone has its own wooden box and comes with a case of wax so you can wax your phone.… » 11/28/06 3:35pm 11/28/06 3:35pm